Simply the Story is a methodology of learning God's word through remembering and discussing the stories in it. Many of our members have been trained in and study God's Word through this methodology which has enabled them to recieve and offer deep bible teaching through an oral means. Since 80% of the world learns orally this is very helpful in sharing God's Word.

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Gospel Friends is a ministry in India led by a dear friend of Thoroughbred, Ghuna Kumar. Gospel Friends seeks to "Preach the Gospel to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, set free those who are downtrodden." (Luke 4:18) Many of TCC's members have visited and supported Ghuna's ministry in various ways.

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Many of our members at the Thoroughbred partner with a ministry on UK's campus called

College Student Fellowship. They help lead bible studies and serve in various other ways on UK's campus to reach student's with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This week folks went and watched the World Cup Finals. Visit CSF's website and learn more at

At Thoroughbred we have both a men's and womens bible studies that meet every other week. We choose to dive deep into God's Word together by using Precept Studies to Study different books of the Bible. For the summer we are going through the book of Malachi. To learn more about Kay Arthur's Inductive Bible studies visit

Bible Study Fellowship is another study that many of our member's participate in. This study takes place during the school year with believer's from all over the Lexington area. Adult's and Children learn the same lessons from God's Word and it suit's many schedule's because there are both daytime and evening meetings. Learn more about BSF's wonderful ministry at

At Thoroughbred we have a heart for International Ministry. A few specific ways that we pursue this are through various international ministries where we do bible study and teach English classes to International's on campus. We also have a passion for mission's and visit other countries with the message of Jesus Christ as Matthew 28 commands.

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